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Hyper-Star ®

P-512 ®
Galden HS240
Galden® HS 240

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Coating for thermal contamination

- Quality Improvement with Reduce the Temperature on
Laser contact surface and Prevent Particle deposition
To Shield Uniformed coating on Wafer Surfaces
(Prevent PAD Contamination)
Control to Prevent Burr, Debris and Micro Crack
- Eco-Friendly, dissolves easily in water
- Prevent ESD and Peel-off Formation
- Environmental Standard Optimized : ROHS
- Optimized DBG Processing
Manufacturer: MTI Categories: Commodity Chemicals

Effect of Hyper-Star ®

Step 1 : Test Result laser Scribing Hyper Star VS Competitor

The result of SEM(×1500) test is that no heating damage occurs, Debris rarely occurs on a wafer applied Hyper-Star


Step 2 : After laser Scribing

The result of applied Laser scribing with Hyper-Star that prevent the surface burr, micro cracks and Pad contamination


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