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Hyper-Max ®

P-512 ®
Galden HS240
Galden® HS 240

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Professional Flux Cleaning : Flux, condensate, oil Dust and other contaminations from condensation

- Bubbles occur minimum
- Optimized upon 50-60℃
- VOC-Free : Non-volatile Solvent and organic compound
- Environmental standard optimized : ROHS
- Auto, manual available, both Dipping type and Spray type
- Outstanding penetrating depth, wetting forces to Chip Bond
- (Remove residue and solder glue on PCB substrate)
Manufacturer: MTI Categories: Commodity Chemicals, Surfactant

Effect of Hyper-Max ®

TAS-18044 ITM Before cleaning
Processing option : All elements analysed (Normalised)


TAS-18042 ITM After cleaning
Processing option : All elements analysed (Normalised)


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